SHAMEFUL and a disgrace to their profession.
This was the scene at the Garden Hill bus stop in Port Moresby on Wednesday afternoon.
The street brawl is believed to be between PMV bus drivers and their crews, sparked by a row over parking space.


  • Very shameful indeed. This shows we are yet to be civilized. Why throwing punches when we can solved such issues verbally and in orderly manner?

  • CIty Hall….Please take over the city public transportation…

    The city private transportation is unfit for international standards…Port Moresby is a city and its an international Cosmopolitan city. As it is now, it’s, its crazy, smoking, chewing bui, by drivers and crew..swearing using insane languages, dirty rubbish on the seats and ailes…even driving is hell.

    Take back PNG drive…please responsible people to take over this transportation service and provide the best service that PNG and international community deserves.

  • Please do identify these animals and sent them back to where they have come from. If they’re are tamed ones sent them to their owners, and if they lived in the wild , sent them directly to the thick forest. Pom is a city , which is trying to live up to the international standard, please so,,,, please , i support the call to have NCDC takes over the running of the city buses . Doing it with professionalism.

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