The role of a police officer is tough and challenging but members of the police continue to serve with loyalty and dedication because their primary role and responsibility is to maintain peace and good order in communities. Members of the NCD Fox 300 Unit were deployed near the Gordon Market on June 5 to show police presence in this part of the city.
NCD Police said they would continue to provide such service.

One thought on “WITNESS

  • How about some Fox Unit around Gerehu who are resembling or in an Act of Criminal? Is that Policing as well? I believe this Fox Unit is really a legalised trained Criminals funded by my tax. I definitely don’t condone that..
    Authorities in the Blue should check this Fox Unit going around in a White Ten Seater Toyota Land Cruiser with registration plate WAU 177. This group is now known by Gerehu Residence as Legalised Crinimals..

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