A cocoa buyer in Lumi in Aitape-Lumi, West Sepik says he walks long distances to buy cocoa.
He pays carriers to carry the cocoa wet beans back to his fermentary for drying.
After drying he pays the carriers to take the dry beans to the main highway to transport to Aitape or Wewak in East Sepik to sell.
All of that is because of poor road conditions.
Pictured is a section of the road.

One thought on “WITNESS

  • Such deteriorated state of roads are found everywhere in the country – the cocoa buyer is just one of the millions of people walking due to bad road conditions – there are teachers, students, health workers and even the old and sick walking long distances to reach basic government services because vehicles/trucks aren’t able to take them due to bad road conditions.

    Patrick Pruaitch (MP for Aitape/Lumi) have been elected continuously to represent his people and has been holding very senior portfolios in government but one would wonder (just by looking at this picture) what his service delivery priorities are. Na ol voters lo Aitape/Lumi too – inap lo makim Patrick – ino em tasol pikini aitape/lumi – he’s been given his opportunity to represent you and bring basic services like roads to improve your lives but he failed to deliver so noken votim em gen lo 2022!! Vote in another son/daughter of Aitape/Lumi who can serve you well in parliament.

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