GOROKA town’s famous Suave betel nut market is one of the hot spots where pigs are raised among vendors.
Buyers and sellers at the market have already become used to trading among pigs.
Like vendors have their own route to move around to buy and sell, the pigs also have their own pathway.
Pictured is one of the pigs scavenging for food next to women selling vegetables.


  • Stupid people always posting unnecessary posts onto the media about the bad picture of our Beautiful town. Goroka is the most beautiful and the only safest place to live than other places in Papua New Guinea and not an animal town. When you see animals (pigs,dogs, cows etc..) roaming around in Goroka town, that is not your business to post any comment because the land opposite the main road all the way from Chuave market up to where SengDa trading located is not the state land that is a customary land. Therefore, the land belongs to the people and not the state so people domesticate animals to meet their increasing demand. That is not your fathers land.

  • Goroka in recent times is quiet okay as domesticated animals like pigs and cows are controlled from free entry after the Governor Peter Numu gave stance warning so this photo must have taken on the customary land close to Seng Da Trading and close to where the Well Gris Service Station is and these lands are customary land. stop posting unnecessary and meaningless photos on social media to jeopardise repetition of beautiful freedom Goroka Town

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