While police in the National Capital District are being hard on those who do graffiti in private residences and private property, some bold artists decided to put their mark in a police station.
This picture was taken at Gordon Police Station recently.


  • That is where we teach our grafity law breakers or what. What an eye sore on a police buildings? or was vis done by the Police Station commander or one of his own policemen. Real shame us it!

  • That is where the authorities should implement CCTV in the city to help law enforcement to catch the bad guys, police can not be everywhere all the time but CCTV when operational in the city can go a long way to assist police & other law enforcement agencies of the state, 45 years pinis yah na bai waitim narapela 45 years lon implementatim o????

  • When they catch the graffiti rascal,
    Take the spray tin off them strip there cloths and spray paint them and then send them home in shame.
    Might help.
    AGREE CCTV the best way to catch them.

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