THE potholes in Madang town have gone from bad to worse after heavy rains.
This picure was taken in front of Anderson’s Foodland. Small vehicles could not go through this spot as it is deep.
A PMV bus owner said he had been spending more money fixing his vehicles because of the bad road conditions.
Authorities should look into the issue of potholes and fix that because PMV owners cannot continuously spend money to fix their vehicles.


  • Such are the dire road conditions in the heart of madang town and this section was fixed a year ago and the craters have returned. Whist the road conditions are bad Governor Yama and his PEC saw it fit to use funds from the provincial administration to take out a court order challenging the citizenship of the Member for Madang (Bryan Krammer). Where are your priorities Mr Yama??

  • May be Mr.Yama is very afraid of being reveal of his corruptions over the years by building his empires and extended his luxuries so he keep monitored Kramer’s movement and totally ignore those public roads that supposed sealed long time a go??????this is just in the heart’s of Madang town so imagine how Bogia and Usino Bundi might looks like???

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