PMV bus operators in Port Moresby are known for picking up and dropping off passengers at any section of the road that they see fit.
Pictured is a route-9 bus stopping at the entrance of Vision City Mega Mall recently to pick up passengers.
The designated bus stop is just a few meters back.


  • That is true. authorities must come down hard on this. On the other hand, we the passengers too encourage this by stopping the buses anywhere we please. i believe both drivers and passengers should change their attitudes.

  • Stupid, dumb, ignorant, undisciplined people with no care attitude. They have no regard for the rules whatsoever.

    Just heavily penalize the drivers and teach them some discipline.

  • RTA, MVIL, NCDC and NCD traffic bosses and officers need to wake from their long sleeps. Impose huge hefty K1000.00 spot fine for such reckless useless dumb drivers and bus crews. Impound such PMV buses and even cabs until those pig mentality drivers, bus crews and owners pay up in full them release the vehicle. We are in 21st century but some people still living in caveman attitudes and mindset

  • We are our own enemies. If only a bit of common sense for common good will go a long way in bring the beautiful country forward.

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