Witness in scheme arrested

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A KEY witness in the investigations into the visa fraud racket in Port Moresby has been arrested in Lae, according to the Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA).
It said in a statement that police officers came across him while conducting spot-checks on retail business outlets in Lae.
“The key witness, a non-citizen, (is now) cooperating with detectives and immigration officers,” it said.
The ICA expects his statement to assist in “closing some gaps” in the investigations.
“His statement will assist police establish facts and lay charges accordingly.
“The person is related to the fraud cases identified in Port Moresby.”
The officers had visited various foreign-owned businesses around Lae and arrested 13 non-citizens who had discrepancies in their entry permits.
“Each of them was fined K5,000 for the discrepancies in their entry permits. An overstayer paid a fee of K25,000.”
Chief Migration Officer Stanis Hulahu said foreigners were allowed into the country if they had valid entry permits but some failed to honour the conditions of their visa or to apply for renewal before the permit expired. “The trend (on visa breach) is similar in almost every spot check operation conducted in the country, particularly (the breach of the) Migration Act,” Hulahu said.

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  • Some Papua New Guineans, especially well-known figures who happen to be former public servants and politicians are assisting these Chinese and other foreigners to obtain visas and work permits and are living off their illegal business activities in PNG. The police, immigration and labour departments must do a thorough investigation and catch those traitors and charge them for treason against their own people and country!

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