WNB cops to receive funding boost

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WEST New Britain Governor Peter Humphreys said police manpower and logistics will be beefed up to maintain law and order in the province.
“We have submitted, under the 2010 Public Improvement Programme, to the National Executive Council for funding to improve police services in Kandrian-Gloucester’s Gasmata.
“When we receive the funding, we hope the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary will respond in terms of logistics, resources and manpower for the establishment of a police mobile squad (MS) base in Kimbe,” he said at a National Coordination Mechanism (NCM) retreat in Kimbe last Friday.
“Businesses cannot survive, particularly the people, when the police and magistrates fail to work effectively.
“I believe the manpower for the MS has been prepared for the base which will save the heavy expenses required to bring in mobile squads from other provinces to help restore and maintain law and order.
“Recently, other stakeholders and private enterprises, as well as the provincial
government, had contributed financially to help bring in the MS.
“This money could have spent on building aid posts, classrooms and bringing other services to the people.
“The provincial government will continue to help but it must be acknowledged that these are effectively the National Government’s functions,” Mr Humphreys said.
He said with the resources development in various sectors, including mining, forestry and agriculture in the province, there was an enormous need to extend all Government services, be it health and education or the Law and Justice Sector.
“We have continually put up good money to assist but we need the National Government and concerted efforts from departments to heavily lobby budgetary support for the district levels.
“We tend to lose a lot of money in administration in Port Moresby which could be used for the development of the province,” the governor said.