WNB lays plans for new bridges

National, Normal

The National, Friday July 26th, 2013


WEST New Britain plans to build 12 bridges in the province next year, Provincial Works Manager John Sitapai says.

He said the 12 bridges would be constructed in Talasea district on the New Britain Highway.

Sitapai said a consulting contractor has been engaged in this major project.

He said Chodai Engineers and Partners from Japan but based in the National Capital District would be responsible for the designs.

Sitapai said geo-technical work would be completed next month. Topographic survey has already been done.

Sitapai said the bridges would be located at Koriri, Ubai, Marapu, Obutabu, Aleeu Kiava, Lobu, Koloi, Soi, Pika, Ibana and Ulamona.

The project is funded by the Asian Development Bank.

He said the province would have the biggest number of bridges in the country.

The Ivule Bridge, in Biala, is under construction through a joint effort by the provincial works department and Hargy Oil Palm Ltd.

Sitapai said there were plans to build a proper bridge at Uvule River to replace the existing log bridge,  which often got washed away during heavy rain, affecting the movement of people in Biala.