WNB liquor outlets breach terms: Mulou

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WEST New Britain provincial police commander Richard Mulou has criticised the blatant manner in which a great number of liquor outlets, especially
bottle shops, have continued
to breach the terms and conditions of their trading licences.
He said alcohol was the source of most crimes reported to police in the province, some
of which have resulted in deaths.
Mr Mulou said he was appalled at the arrogant manner in which the recent liquor restriction for the festive period was violated by a good number of bottle shops in the province.      
“A major supplier was caught selling cartons of beer to buyers during the festive period, directly in breach of the liquor restriction.
“It appears that certain liquor licensing officers were also involved.
“I have given instructions
to my police station commander
to arrest and charge all parties involved,” he said in a statement.
“I am calling on the courts to come up with appropriate penalties as a deterrent on offenders as liquor abuse contributes significantly to many serious cases reported to police. 
“We have had instances where courts have found the offenders guilty, discharged cases and ordered police to return beers to the suppliers concerned. 
“This is killing the working spirit of my men and seriously undermines law enforcement, but above all, justice is not served.   
“The provincial liquor licencing board, of which I am
a member and deputy chairman, have got a mammoth task ahead to ensure the liquor industry
in the province is well regulated.
“I will work closely with
the board members to ensure the liquor board does its job and serves its purpose,” Mr Mulou said.