WNB LLG elections progressing well

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The National, Wednesday July 3rd, 2013

 LOCAL level government elections in West New Britain are progressing smoothly as voting nears, provincial police commander Samson Siguyaru says.

“The lead-up preparations to the campaigning period have been exceptionally well, with people behaving,” Snr Insp Siguyaru said.

“There has not been any hiccup since the issue of writs and there have not been any reported major incidences within the period so far.

“Police operations in the province have been a combined responsibility with electoral officers as was the case in last year’s national elections.

“We have a good working relationship with electoral officers in the province as most of their resources are part of what police have been able to use as well.

“Those resources especially include transport and accommodation, which we are able to share with the electoral officers.”

Siguyaru said with only two electorates in the province, police were able to maintain security in all the polling areas when voting started on Saturday. 

“Tomorrow we will be conducting a general briefing for all policemen in the province to be informed of the voting operations and by Friday they will be deployed to the respective voting areas to cover security during that time.

“Funding and support has been readily made available by the provincial government and police department and generally we are not facing any obstacles in carrying out the operations,” he said.