WNB mother happy with son’s surgery

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The National, Friday 14th June 2013

 WENDY Dau is a grateful mother from West New Britain whose son had the fortune of being operated on by a special team of doctors.

The project called Katim na Halivim Pikinini at St Mary’s Vunapope Hospital in East New Britain this week was put together and sponsored by petroleum company Islands Petroleum.

It is led by Dr Mathew McLee, deputy chief surgeon in Mamose and a paediatric surgeon.

The operation on two-year-old William Dau, who had abnormalities in his body, was conducted by the team of seven local doctors assisted by Professor Paddy Dewan, a Melbourne-based urologist and visiting pediatrician anesthetist Dr David Allen.

William underwent a colostomy which involved bringing one end of the large intestine out through the abdominal wall. 

Stool moving through the intestine was drained into a bag attached to the abdomen.

Dau, a mother of two, said she had been advised by doctors that they would see William after six months to fully assess his case. 

“Before the operations, William used to experience overflow of waste on his side stomach and I had to do laundry frequently but now I am thankful to the doctors who have assisted my baby,” Dau said.