WNB not technically set


TECHNICALLY, West New Britain is not ready to host the 2017 BSP PNG Games in Kimbe says veteran boxing official Dick Larry.
After speaking to several technical officials, The National found that a lot of venues had not met the sports’ requirements and technical officials were not on the ground to supervise games.
PNG Amateur Boxing Union national tournament director Larry, who is the Game’s boxing competition manager, said they could not start the competition because there were no referees and judges.
The boxing competition was supposed to be held at the Muthuvel Stadium but was moved to the Kimbe International School.
Larry said he was not pleased with the change in venue but said the more important consideration was that they would be starting a day late and would need to compress their programme in order to finish on schedule as other sports would need to use the facility.
Boxing has attracted 14 provincial teams.
He commended all the associations for sending their teams. He added that the PNGABU would use the Games to identify promising boxers (male and female) to join their national and regional squads.
Larry said that he was glad that the Games had gone ahead after two deferrals but was concerned that the event was already facing challenges even though organisers had a long time to prepare.
Governor Sasindran Muthuvel and PNG Sports Foundation executive director Peter Tsiamalili Junior were confident the game would go progress despite some technical hiccups.