WNB youths register group

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 11th April, 2013

 YOUTHS in the Talasea district, West New Britain, have set a benchmark for services to reach their communities through the formation of their restoration programme.

The Bamba Youth Association recently launched its certificate of registration from the Investment Promotion Authority under the Association Act.

Governor Sasindran Muthuvel officially presented the certificate to the president Albert Linge and was witnessed by acting provincial administrator Steven Raphael.

The youths have taken a positive step in their area known to be a notorious area in WNB to assist in maintaining law and order and improve the living standard in their community.

Muthuvel announced during the ceremony that the government has hoped to refurbish and restore the glory of the former headquarters of WNB.

He made a commitment to fund the proposed high school in the area and to renovate the rundown community market.

He praised the Bamba Youth Association for taking ownership of making a change in their society and pledged his support to push for the Talasea ring road at the provincial level.

 “The change that begins from you as an individual affects the society because you are part and parcel of society,” he encouraged the youths. 

He urged them to prove themselves and assist other wards in their area and in the province to create more youth restoration association and youth movements to encourage change in all sectors.

It is understood that the association is new and committed to empower youths to work together.

The association aims to maintain law and order in the community and create employment opportunities to improve living standards.