Woman’s killer dangerous, say police

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The National, Friday 3rd May 2013

 THE man wanted by police for questioning over the killing of a young mother in her food garden is considered dangerous and armed, according to police.

The slain body of Maria Drua, 20, was found in a bush by a neighbor last Saturday. Her one-year-old baby was found sleeping in a bilum near where her body lay.

Morobe provincial police commander Leo Lamei yesterday told The National that the suspect could be carrying a weapon and warned people to be wary of him.

Police had earlier said that the man had escaped from Barawagi prison in Chimbu a few years ago after being jailed for killing a police officer. 

Lamei said police wanted to arrest question him for the killing of Drua. They both reside in Bewapi, 9-Mile. 

“He is an escapee. No one should be harbouring him,” Supt Lamei said. 

“He can strike at anytime. He is a wanted man and should not be in the community,” he said.

Lamei said those people harbouring the man and any other suspects would also be arrested.

Lae police operations commander Fred Kaiwa on Tuesday said they believed that the man was still in Lae and had not travelled out of Morobe.