Woman accused of sorcery dies from injuries: Police

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A WOMAN accused of practising sorcery has died following complications from internal injuries suffered while in captivity.
The woman, Tandani Jim, 45, from Wanapos village, Laiagam, Enga, succumbed to injuries she sustained during a four-day ordeal.
Jim, along with three other women and a boy, were rescued after police launched an operation and removed the women from a home in Wanapos last Thursday.
They were brought to Wabag town where they were treated and kept at a health centre.
Provincial police commander Chief Insp Epenes Nili confirmed Jim’s death.
He said her body had been moved to the Wabag General Hospital morgue.
Chief Insp Nili said the woman had been in pain from her injuries but had not advised the police and the nurses of her situation.
“The nurses at the health centre advised us that because she was ashamed of what had been done to her, she had not said anything to them, however, the nurses found out that she had been assaulted with an iron rod after they spoke to her,” he said.
“The health centre women assisted her but she succumbed to her injuries, according to the nurses and doctors.”
Chief Insp Nili said Jim’s family members had locked her and the others, including the 10-year-old son of one of the women, in a house in the village last Friday.
They suspected them of practising sorcery to kill members of their tribe.
Chief Insp Nili said six people in the area had died recently and the four women had been accused of practising sorcery and causing their deaths.
“The incident was reported to police on Monday,” he said. “Police went in but were outnumbered. So I had to call for reinforcements from the mobile squad 12, based in Porgera.”


  • sorcery killing has become a norm for Papua New Guinean and as a results many innocents people often suffered severely. government of the day needs to reform these policies which deals with such issue and come up with an effective policies so that people can feel safe in their own home land.

  • When person dies from such sorcery practices, can the government or relevant authorities especially health department take the death body and carryout postmortem to confirm the person actually die from the practice of sorcery or he/she die from a disease. If the postmortem confirms some part of the internal organ/s of the decease missing then that’s absolute sure of the evil practices that caused the death. Otherwise, people are dying from manageable or preventable diseases and its unnoticed people dying. Need more scientific or medical proves to such deaths of sorcery related deaths.

  • suspects should be detained and charged with wilful murder. There should be a more amicable way of resolving sorcery related issues than resorting to brutal, sadist and inhuman treatment of other people. Any one now be killed and blamed for sorcery.

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