Woman apprentice first to pass electrical skills test


Christina Kaia is the first apprentice to receive a certificate for completing a troubleshooting electrical circuits module, a computer-based training package that teaches skills on finding faults in electrical circuits.
Troubleshooting is a task often required of electrical technicians.
A multi-meter and other diagnostic methodologies are used to determine faults in electrical circuits, locate it and do repairs.
“I found the programme both interesting and challenging and now understand the process of fault-finding and can apply these skills to my job,” Kaia said.
For the training, each person works alone on a computer at their own pace.
Upon successful completion of each module the trainees are required do a demonstration.
Oil Search has two training streams for tradespeople, a four-year apprenticeship programme for the electrical and mechanical trades and a traineeship programme for process technology (four years).
Training participants receive a combination of on-the-job, in-house and external training.
Apprentices are assigned to different facilities to expose them to a broader range of skills.
Upon successfully completiong the module. apprentices receive a national trade certificate from the PNG National Apprenticeship Training Board.
The Oil Search Apprentice Programme has been structured to meet or exceed the expectations of the National Apprenticeship Training Board and is integrated with Oil Search’s Competency Assurance Programme.
The Oil Search Apprentice programme is integrated with the company’s competency assuarance programme.

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