Woman awaits sentencing after stabbing ex-husband


A WOMAN who stabbed her ex-husband with a kitchen knife will be sentenced by the National Court in Waigani on Aug 30.
Acting Justice Laura Wawun Kuvi read out the charge to Edith Agaru yesterday and adjourned the case for sentencing after she pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to her ex-husband in Port Moresby.
Agaru expressed her remorse, saying sorry to her ex-husband and asked if she could pay compensation.
She also told the court that she was a victim of a violent relationship.
Justice Kuvi said Agaru’s defence lawyer would have to apply for a pre-sentence report on the matter.
Justice Kuvi then adjourned the case to Aug 30 and extended Agaru’s bail.
On Jan 17, between 9.30pm and 10pm, Agaru was in her home at 9-Mile Turnoff, outside Port Moresby, when her ex-husband was drinking alcohol outside with the landlord which upset Agaru because her mother was present.
An argument broke out when her ex-husband entered the house and demanded from Agaru her Facebook password.
During the argument, Agaru grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her ex-husband on his abdomen.
Agaru and her mother then left the scene where the incident happened and her ex-husband was taken to the hospital by the landlord.