Woman butchered by jealous hubby

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A JEALOUS husband allegedly butchered his wife to death in a surprise attack in Goroka last month.
It was reported that the knife-wielding husband, who has not yet been arrested or charged, surprised his wife as she was changing her clothes in the bedroom of her brother’s house near Kama in Goroka, and allegedly stabbed her repeatedly.
The attack occurred between 7.30am and 8.30am on Nov 19, the day the couple was to appear before the Kama village court for a divorce hearing.
The deceased woman, Pine Keruveto, had summoned the husband to appear before the village court to annul their marriage after some 20 years because of her husband’s jealous behaviour.
She had reportedly told her relatives that she would do gardening and market the food crops to fend for her two daughters who were currently in primary school, as she had enough of the jealous behaviour of their father.
The daughters are now living with their mother’s relatives.
The relatives told The National that the husband, who was armed with a knife, sneaked into the house where his wife was living and allegedly stabbed her in the chest, breasts, back and abdomen.
“The stabbings in the back reflect the loads she has been carrying, in the breast reflects breast feeding children and in the abdomen reflects child bearing as her womb was also exposed,” a close relative, who declined to be named said.
Eastern Highlands provincial police commander Chief Supt Augustine Wampe said the police homicide squad was investigating the murder and the suspect would be arrested soon.
He said Goroka police would apprehend the suspect after the completion of the Kandep by-election counting and declaration.
He said it would  be one of the first incidents police would attend to after the by-election activities.
He said the suspect did not deserve to walk around scot-free in his Bena village, saying a series of criminal offences committed in the province during the counting and declaration periods for the by-election would be immediately attended to after the process was over.