Woman charged with false pretence forfeits bail


Waigani Committal Court magistrate Mekeo Gauli has forfeited bail on a woman who appeared yesterday charged with dishonest means through false pretence.
Ethal Kila Yori, from Ongodana village in Koiari, Central was allowed bail on Feb 13 but absconded her bail conditions and fled to New Zealand to work as a contracted fruit picker.
The court heard that a warrant of arrest was issued for her after she missed out on her court appearance and she was later deported by Interpol from New Zealand and put in police custody.
The court heard that the accused was charged with dishonest means of false pretence and stole K22,000 from the complainant.
The court said that she appeared for mention during committal process to determine the allegations made against her for trial in a higher court. The accuse, who was employed as a seasonal worker with East Pack Limited at a pack house, flew to NZ when  work commenced on March 18, this year.