Woman gets injuries from encounter

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The National, Wednesday July 24th, 2013


THE Gordon market in Port Moresby is becoming a haven for petty criminals and drunkards, according to the husband of a woman who suffered knife wounds there last Thursday.

Tulu Gabi, who is from Central and works at the Prime Minister’s Department, came to The National on Friday with his wife Wendy Gabi who had sustained knife wounds to her left thumb and her left wrist after an encounter with criminals.

He said it was around 5.30pm when he and his wife were on their way to the ATS bus stop to go home. 

A man stopped, took out a bushknife and started swinging it at his wife. 

“The criminal stabbed her on the wrist and cut her on her thumb and took the bilum. She almost fainted as there was heavy loss of blood,” Gabi said. 

 “My big concern is there is no respect for women. 

“I have witnessed a lot of pickpocketing of women at the market place and most people just stand there doing nothing.” 

He said only a few bystanders assisted him in pursuing the thief.

No comments could be obtained from police or city authorities.

A women leader at the market said unemployed youths living near the market were causing problems for vendors and customers.