Woman gives birth to triplets

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The National,Monday July 4th, 2016

ANGAU Memorial Hospital in Lae may have set a new record as the first hospital in the country to successfully deliver two sets of triplets at its labour ward in a week.
This follows another delivery of a set of triplets last Friday.
The mother is Martha Morek, 35, from Yangoru, East Sepik.
Martha and husband Andrew were overjoyed when she delivered the babies.  Martha was lost for words when she received news that she had given birth to triplets.
“When I was going for the antenatal clinic, I was told that there was only one baby. But when I came to Angau, one of the doctors did a scan and told me that I had triplets,” Martha said.
Martha was admitted two weeks ago and had her pregnancy monitored up till she gave birth.
The babies were delivered with normal weights.
The first boy and a girl weighed 2.5kg each while the second boy weighed 2.7kg.
Martha thanked the staff of Angau’s maternity wing for assisting her to deliver her triplets.
The couple live at 5-Mile outside Lae and have three other children.
The other set of triplets was delivered a week ago by Morobean mother Jenny James, 39, of Bainduo village in Nawaeb district. The earlier set of triplets also had two boys and a girl.