Woman hides bottle of rum in under-garment

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The National – Monday, January 31, 2011

BOOTLEGGERS are daringly smuggling and selling alcohol in Southern Highlands despite a liquor ban imposed due to law and order problems in the province, police said. 
Since the indefinite ban was imposed a few years back, it had been strongly enforced in Tari, Komo, Nogoli Hides 4 and Moro where work on the LNG project are being carried out.
 A bottle of beer on the black market was going for K10 or K15 while a bottle of 500ml whiskey or rum was going at  K150 each.
Those who take the risk to smuggle and sell alcohol go to extreme measures to conceal their contraband.
In one incident, members of the police airborne tactical unit and MS-13 from Lae, Morobe, deployed in Hides 4, were manning a road block when they confiscated a bottle of 500ml rum tucked between a woman’s undergarment and groin.
The policemen became suspicious when the woman started to act strangely and they asked a female passenger traveling in the same vehicle to frisk the supect which she did and produced the liquor bottle.   
The woman and her husband, who was also in the PMV, apologised to police.
The husband even gave the thumbs up when police media asked to take a photograph of them.