Woman in murder case wants husband punished


A WOMAN committed to trial on a charge that she killed her husband’s mistress wants her husband punished as well because, as she claims, he caused all the problems.
Aileen Guina, 35, from Kivori village in Kairuku, Central, has been charged with the murder of Belinda Kuson. She caught Kuson having sex with her husband Rodney Guina, the court was told.
“I want my husband to be punished as well as he was the cause of all these problems,” she said.
“He is out free enjoying with another new woman while I’m suffering in prison, which is unfair,” she said in her statement.
Waigani Committal Court magistrate Cosmas Bidar said such cases were on the increase and the Government needed to come up with measures to deal with unfaithful husbands.
“Our leaders should wake up and make some legislations to protect women and deal with those unfaithful husbands,” he said.
“So many calls have been made to raise this issue but nothing has been done so far.
“This is yet another case where one woman dies and another serves time in prison while the man is free to roam around and do as he pleases.”
The offence took place on July 22 last year at Erima, Port Moresby.
Aileen alleged that her husband and one of their sons went out and did not come home for about a week. Her son was asthmatic and was usually by her side so she was worried about him.
She went looking for them visited a place at Gordon where she once saw her husband.
She went there and saw an elderly woman and asked her if she knew her husband. The woman was the mother of the deceased.
Aileen told her she was Rodney’s wife.
The woman said Rodney had told them he was a single father and had been having relationship with her daughter.
Aileen went to Kuson’s house at Erima and saw her son sitting outside crying.
She got him and went into the house where she found them having sex in a room.
Aileen started an argument with her husband and then went outside where she fought with the Kuson and ended up stabbing her in the breast with a kitchen knife, the court heard.
Kuson later died as a result and Aileen was arrested and charged with wilful murder.
She will appear for listing at the Waigani National Court at a date yet to be set.