Woman killed in tribal conflict

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A PREGNANT mother of four from Silku tribe in Kerowagi district, Simbu province, was shot dead last Wednesday at her Singe Mambuno village by her Gena enemy tribesman.
The mother of two boys and two girls was five months pregnant when she was shot at point blank range with a shotgun.
Branch president of the Simbu women in politics, Dere Cecilia Kimagl, condemned the killing of Atta Ulka yesterday afternoon.
Ms Kimagl said this was the first time a woman had been shot dead in a tribal fight.
She said normally, woman and children were allowed to roam around freely by the warring tribes during the fighting.
She said Ms Ulka, the deceased, was originally from the Pagau tribe, lived at Homulk village but was married to a man from the Silku tribe and lived at Singe Mambuno village which shared the border with the enemy tribe.
Ms Kimagl said the deceased eldest son was doing Grade Seven at Kerowagi Primary School while her other son was in Grade Four.
Her two younger daughters were in the village.
She said that on Saturday, while her tribesmen were in mourning, the Gena tribesmen
launched an attacked and killed a newly-trained pastor attending the funeral service.
Ms Kimagl said she did not know the name of the pastor killed but said he was a son of a former Correctional Service officer identified as Mr Maga.
She said many families from both sides were homeless and were seeking refuge in other people’s homes.
“Men must respect the welfare of their families and must stop taking up firearms. ”
Ms Kimagl called on the authorities to intervene and allow peace and harmony to prevail.