Woman launches taxi service in Lae


MOROBE Land Transport chief executive Joshua Mais has urged Lae citizens to appreciate and respect public motor vehicles that provide vital services in the city.
He said this after Fiona Veisame, from Wain in Nawaeb, Morobe, took the initiative to revive taxi services.
There had been taxi services in Lae in the 1970s but stopped in the 1980s because of an influx in crime and road conditions.
Veisame started taxi services in 2013 with two vehicles but poor road conditions in Lae forced her to stop in 2014. She has started again with 10 taxis to serve the public, especially women, children and families during peak hours and rainy days.
Lae Taxi Services operations manager Anis Manek said Lae roads were getting better, with increasing public demand for transport to and from work.
“Families go shopping in shops and markets, but are unable to travel home in a bus because the public is rushing for a seat,” he said. “The taxi service now makes it affordable and easier for families and women to travel around.
“It will operate within city limits as far as Nadzab during day time. Night operations will be determined by the need and security.”
The metered fare is K1.80 per kilometer.
As soon the passenger steps in, the meter starts. Upon reaching the destination, the receipt of the total fare is printed out for the customer to pay.
Mais said that security and respect for such services in a city like Lae was crucial.

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