Woman leader castigates MPs

Lae News, Normal

The National,Friday23 December 2011

A WOMAN leader in the Momase region has warned the O’Neill and Somare factions to end the political crisis for the sake of Papua New Guinea.
United Nations Development Programme women’s empowerment SSCF facilitator in Morobe, Delilah Kelly, said MPs in both camps should respect the only woman parliamentarian Dame Carol Kidu and legally-appointed women leaders in government and private sectors.
Kelly said this after she learnt MPs had used harsh language at Dame Carol and National Alliance party public officer Joyce Grant during the crisis.
She said MPs who had attacked the two women should make a public apology.
“The international community is watching us and such confrontation in Government House are a disgrace and disrespectful towards women when we are looking forward to the Equality and Participation Bill to be passed,” Kelly said.
Kelly said the political impasse must end for the good of the people.
She said both factions continued to override and undermine the Constitution.
“As a woman and mother, I ask both parties fighting for the PM’s seat to step aside and let new leaders lead or dissolve parliament and call for election and leave the judiciary alone,” she said.