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A YOUNG woman who produced nude photographs of herself and sent them to a man to promote prostitution was found guilty by the Daru District Court yesterday.
She is on bail and will return to court on Tuesday for sentencing.
The intention was to promote prostitution in a remote logging camp in Western.
Magistrate Glen Madu said Evelyn Wame, 22, from Balimo, Middle Fly, Western, appeared on charges of sending her pornographic photos to a man through Facebook messenger and for producing her pornographic photos.
Wame was arrested at the Tapila logging camp in the Fly-Gogodala local level government in Middle Fly, police said.
In another case, the Kerema District Court sentenced six men to a total of six years in Bomana jail with hard labour for drug trafficking in Gulf.
Acting Gulf police commander Snr Insp Michael Pakyei said the Court found enough evidence to convict two men from Okapa, Eastern Highlands, and four from Gulf for trafficking.
“Mike Philip, 24, and Sam Joel, 27, both from Afaro village, Okapa, were jailed two years each,” he said.
Snr Insp Pakyei said the four from Gulf, were given six months each with hard labour.
These men are Alphone Luke, 27, from Mewari village, Kaintiba, Patrick Eho, 74, from Harevavo village, Ihu, and twins Piku Keko and Newa Keko, both 27, from Yuku village, Ihu.


  • Lots happening in and around PNG. This is just from a rural remote area. POM city and Lae and other main cities pulap. Police officers and censorship board in all towns, cities local communities repsneed to pull up their socks to combat porn videos and nude photos upload in PNG porn sites. We claim to be a Christian nation, yet we promote Sodom and Gomora. We all need to step and start reporting those who make porn to save our daughters and sons from such lustful acts.

  • Most nude photos and vids contain names of the said individual. yet no arrest is done. longpla taim pngporn kamap pinis na m stap from fb,twitter and other social networks and internet porn sites on the web.

  • All those who participated in such activities must be arrested because PNG is a Christian nation.

  • Those 6 Locals for drug trafficking man hariap tru 6 years & what about the Australian Guy with the other 4 gentlemen will they be punish also with the higher charges or how ?

  • isn’t there any other ways can she make money, why are we allowing the devil use us to perform these unhealthy, embarrassing things which we don’t want to hear but are hearing them, please turn way from this evil act, & seek righteousness, there are so many good things you can do to earn decent earning…..

  • Checkim disla narapla mix race marit meri sa stap lo Lopi Black Kona, Goroka going by the name of Bakage Suk. Her nude photos floating around in Goroka.

  • Because of the easy access of phonograph through mobile phones, laptop computers, videos and movies , websites, the Internet, etc even the small kid in PNG is actually actively engaging in sex an sexual conducts.
    Why is everyone surprised that a girl in a rural setting has done what she had done. In POM, you see prostitutes, gays , lesbians openly plying their trade and looking for customers in broad daylight and nobody says anything, even the Censorship Board.
    If we want ot be serious in controlling these types of human sexual behaviou, forget Christianity and we become a Muslim nation. We can then be able to stone to death persons engaged in prostitution, lesbians, gays, underage sex, adultery, incent, drug trafficking, using illegal drugs, etc , etc.

  • Two sets of laws in this country. Because she is regarded as low class so justice and media reacted immediately. How about those politicians that were exposed in the past???

  • What new in this? Everyone with a mobile phone or laptop and access to the internet see phonograph if they choose to., after all this is a democratic country and there no NICTA regulations restricting the viewing of phonographic sites. Just because a girl in a rural area did this so is worth reporting. What about sexual morality in the city of POM.

  • this are signs of last days, agree with kelly’s comments lets be a Muslim Country so we can stone to death evil doers like Prostitutes,gays,lesbos, and the list goes on. We as Christians must rise up and be real Christians such evil doings does not reflect Gods glory in Our lives, ITS THE LUST OF THE FLESH.

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