Woman put on good behaviour bond for insulting husband


A WOMAN has been put on a good behaviour bond and ordered by the Mt Hagen District Court not to go near her husband’s workplace.
Senior provincial magistrate Betty Jacob issued the order yesterday after she found Mikila Navex, 19, from Kuare village in Pangia, Southern Highlands, guilty of insulting her husband Navex Nason at his workplace outside Mt Hagen city in Western Highlands.
Jacob told Mikila not to disturb her husband at his work because he earned his income there to support the family.
She told Mikila that if he didn’t give money to her and their child, there were avenues available like the welfare office where she could seek help from.
Jacob told her that if her husband went around with another woman as alleged, she should take them to court for adultery but not take the law into her own hands.
Mikila was arrested and charged with insult under the Family Protection Act.
Police prosecutor Benny Kongua told the court that Mikila, on the 7th and 9th of this month, went to her husband’s workplace and swore at him.
He told the court that she insulted her husband in front of his colleagues and he felt ashamed.
He told the police to arrest and charge her.
Mikila pleaded guilty and told the court that her husband didn’t give her any money.
She told the court that her husband got drunk with other women.
“I am now finding you guilty and place you on a six-month good behaviour bond,” Magistrate Jacob said.
“During this six months, don’t go near your husband’s workplace unless your husband takes you there.”
Magistrate Jacob told Mikila that it was not good to take the law into her own hands and shamed her husband in front of his colleagues.
She told her that since she pleaded guilty and being a first-time offender, she would be put on a good behaviour bond.
She added that the maximum penalty was a K5,000 fine and two years’ imprisonment.

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