Woman puts up hand to lead Moresby village

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The National, Tuesday July 2nd, 2013

 A FORMER teacher will be the first woman in her village to contest the 2013 local level government council seat in Central. 

Bonnie Cardigan, from Korobosea village, is battling five men who are contesting for the Korobosea local level government council seat. 

“It is always my aspiration to help the village to get back its identity as a landowner and a Motu Kotabu village,” she said.

“The village has for too long been neglected and has lost its identity.

“I really want to bring development to my village and set a brighter future for my people.

“We lack infrastructure development and I want to allow for those basic services to the people.

“With land available I want to help people focus on cultivating their own land and making money out of it rather than selling it out to others.

 “My priority is my village and I want to make sure that they are well educated, have the best health services and provide necessary services that will boost their livelihood.” 

Cardigan said as a female she was taking up the challenges to see that services were brought to the village. 

“I believe that when a village is changed, people will change so I will still help my people whether they vote me or not.”