Woman seeks to restrain husband from assaulting her

The National, Wednesday July 20th, 2016

A WOMAN suffering from ongoing assault by her husband has sought an order from the Boroko District Court to restrain him from beating her.
The complainant (name withheld) appeared before Magistrate Laura Kuvi, seeking the court’s opinion in issuing a restraining order against her husband to stop assaulting her and to restrain him from consuming alcohol.
She testified in court against her husband Teine Maini Apa, 42, from Gumine in Chimbu, who was charged with assault.
She told the court that it was an ongoing issue in their 20 years of marriage and that as a working mother, this had affected her performance.
The court was told that on July 12 at Gordon market in Port Moresby, Apa allegedly punched his wife in the face.
Apa admitted that he was guilty but told the court that he had been provoked by his wife to commit the offence.
Apa told the court that his wife gave him her bank card to withdraw K50.
But Apa withdrew more than K50 to pay for the damage on their car done by one of their sons.
Apa told the court that he tried to explain but his wife repeatedly nagged him so he punched her.
The court suspended Apa’s 12-month jail term and ordered him to pay K100 in compensation to his wife. The court placed Apa on a good behaviour bond for 12 months and ordered him not to consume alcohol during this period.