Woman sentenced to 20 years for killing husband over alleged affair in 2007

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A WOMAN who killed her husband because he was having an affair with someone else was sentenced to 20 years in jail.
Yarambo Kuleko Liva is the wife of James Liva, a correctional officer at Bomana jail outside Port Moresby.
On the evening of May 3, 2007, she entered their bedroom while her husband was asleep and stabbed him to death.
She stabbed him four times in the chest, and once in the back of his neck.
After killing him, she attempted to take her own life by stabbing herself and took an overdose of medicine tablets.
When handing down the decision last Friday, Justice Salatiel Lenalia said: “The killing in family environment is increasing very rapidly.
“This is particularly so where there is unfaithfulness between the husbands and wives.
“I would agree with counsel for the prisoner that usually the women folks are victims of brutal mistreatments particularly in the family circle.”
Thirty-seven-year-old Yarambo admitted to killing her husband to prison authorities, and pleaded guilty to murder last May 5.
Although the court took into account the defence counsel’s representations about the prisoner’s reasons and accusations that her husband had been unfaithful to her and had had extra-marital affair with another woman.
It was also taken into account that the husband had mistreated her badly, the court stated this was not a good cause for taking another person’s life.
“Despite the defence counsel submission that the prisoner had shown remorse, there was still no remorse from the prisoner.
“She told the court the reason she committed the murder was because he was cruel to her and had abused her.
“She thought she should take revenge.
“ My view is, this is not remorse but an expression of lingering anger and jealousy still being cherished in her heart against the victim,” Justice Lenalia said.