Woman stabbed to death at Morobe Patrol post

Lae News, Normal


A WOMAN from Morobe patrol post was stabbed to death allegedly by her sister-in-law in Bulolo on Wednesday afternoon.
Police said the women had an argument when one of them took out a kitchen knife and stabbed the other.
Meanwhile, at Nami in Wau, a Watut man was accused of the stabbing of a Biawen man from Biangai area on Monday.
The man, Paku George, in his mid 30s, is married to a Watut woman and resides at Nami.
He was rushed to Bulolo health centre and admitted for treatment.
Wau rural LLG manager Tai Gwambelek urged the people not to take the law into their own hands but use the law to solve problems.
Mr Gwambelek cautioned both the Watuts and Biangais not to capitalise on a domestic argument and create a bigger problem.