Woman wants her skills to help others


By Olive Sukun
A WOMAN is grateful she joined a course on sewing in Port Moresby and plans to pass on the skills to women in the village so they can sew and sell dresses.
“Sewing will help me to make an income for myself (too),” said Anna Kapus after receiving a certificate in sewing at the Telleres de Nazareth training centre at Taurama in Port Moresby.
The former nurse was among the 22 women and girls who attended courses on cooking and sewing.
“I came from Wewak to be with my daughter and was introduced to this training centre by a good friend,” Kapus said.
“I have now learnt a lot and wish to share this skill with my mother’s women relatives when I go home next year.”
She said she knew how to sew but wanted to learn more.
“So when the opportunity came to register at the training centre on Aug 7, I grabbed it without a second thought” she said.
The Malaysian Association of PNG donated K40,000 to the training centre.
It has helped many people train at the centre.
Kapus is looking forward to putting the skills she learnt to good use by helping other women in her community when she returns home.