Woman warned to attend court

The National, Friday July 8th, 2016

A woman charged with causing grievous bodily harm appeared in the Waigani Committal Court on Wednesday after failing to appear six times.
Magistrate John Kaumi asked Oba Teine why she did not attend court when it was mentioned six times between March 18 and June 8.
“Who told you to come here today? Hau yu save osem nau bai yu kot?” (How do you know that you have a court case today?) Kaumi asked Teine.
He stressed to Teine that the crime she allegedly committed was “very serious” and that she should make it her duty to attend her  cases instead of wasting the court’s time.
He warned Teine that if she missed another session he would send her to Bomana prison and then she would be able to attend court from there.
Police prosecutor Sandra Holland asked the court to revoke a warrant of arrest that was ordered by the court on June 8 because Teine had finally made an appearance.
Kaumi revoked the warrant and ordered the matter to return to court on Aug 2. He extended Teine’s national court bail.