Woman wins vehicle after buying ice cream for K3.50


DELMA Kife, 21, won a K180,000 Nissan Patrol vehicle as first prize in a promotion by Laga Industries.
The “Win a Fully-Kitted Nissan Patrol” promotion was drawn in Port Moresby yesterday.
Delma entered the draw when she bought ice cream for K3.50 in Port Moresby.
Accompanying her to receive her prize were partner Aeesa Olele, dad Timothy Kife and mum Avi.
They live at the ATS settlement in Moresby North East.
She is employed at the RH Hypermarket Gordon Bakers Choice.
She said she had never won such a huge prize.
“I just dropped one receipt and went home and forgot about it all.”
She received the call last Friday.
“We were all celebrating and jumping up and down.”
They immediately went to the Paradise Foods office to confirm if the news were real.
Paradise Foods chief executive officer James Rice said more than 280,000 people entered the competition.
“Gala Ice Cream and Laga Industries would like to thank all participants for supporting PNG-made ice cream and a PNG-owned business,” he said.
“The promotion also consisted of 50 consolation Mountain Bike winners throughout the duration of the promotion nationwide.”


    • Congratulation Delma, out of K3.50 Gala ice cream who won yourself a K180,000.00 van, well done Laga Industries.

  • Congratulation Delma: Amazing how company can make more out of the customer… imagine 280, 000 that bought just one gala ice-cream, multiply by 3.50, they made K980, 000 which is 99%… just a comment, no big gigs.

  • Hi Delma, congrats on your big win over promotion draw by Laga Industries….I’d also like to thank Laga Industry for giving out a huge prices as a locally own company. Quite disgraceful for so call large greedy companies who sit back and enjoy luxury commercial benefits from this Nation.

    You made simple citizens of PNG proud, credit goes back to you – PNG Laga Group of Companies/Business Partners.

  • Very lucky winner…and very discouraging for customers who have spent more in the comp. Going forward, such comps should be digitized so the draw can be a bit fair to customers based on amount of money spent, frequency of participation, long term customers, and other historical records, etc.

  • Big congrats to Delma Kife

    Next , Such Promotion should happen in Rural areas Of PNG via retail stores
    not only in the towns and cities because all the winners comes from cities and never heard of one from rural areas.

    Nation wide promotion doesn’t even sound good . if it is to be nation
    conduct from rural areas to cities.

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