Woman with harmful chemical arrested

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A woman is in police custody as an investigation is underway to find out why she was in possession of a chemical that has caused a number of people to fall sick.
The woman was arrested last week at her Wurup village outside Mt Hagen, and is currently in police custody.
Villagers believe the chemical she had in her possession was cyanide, a very dangerous substance which can kill.
They reported her to police, puzzled and afraid of what she might do with the chemical.
Four policemen who went to pick up the woman at her village all became ill.
They complained of having breathing difficulties after inhaling smell or fumes emitted when the container was opened.
Provincial police commander Supt Ambane Kaiglo said the wife of one of the policemen also felt ill and was admitted to the Mt Hagen General Hospital.
Supt Kaiglo said his four policemen were still feeling sick and are on medication.
The chemical was stored in a small container.
As they were travelling back to the city from her village, she opened the container to show the policemen the chemical.
That was when they inhaled it.
Supt Kaiglo said some samples of the chemical would be send to the University of Technology in Lae to carry out laboratory test to find out what kind of chemical she is storing in her small container that made his policemen and a woman sick.
He said the woman is still in police custody and appropriate charges would be laid after the laboratory test is carried out.
Supt Kaiglo said police are yet to find out why she is in possession such harmful chemical and for what purpose.