Women’s abduction troubles top cop

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MT Hagen police are concerned about the increasing number of young women abducted on the streets of Mt Hagen city for sexually exploitation.
Metropolitan commander, senior Insp John Kale said yesterday that since June, abduction cases had become common where at least two complaints of such incidents were lodged with the police every week.
He said females, especially young girls, were being targeted and taken away by men who were unknown to them.
He said these “strangers” often used false pretense to lure their targets and took them away to certain hotspots near town on waiting vehicles or PMV buses to rape them and later abandon them.
Kale said unlike in the past where boyfriends were the common kidnappers, these groups of abductors was targeting any female that seemed to be in town alone.
He said in most cases, the suspects were only identified by face and this was not much help to police who needed to make arrests and perpetrators got away with their crime.
He said this was a bad trend as women were being abused, especially in the city which was the central business hub of the upper Highlands provinces.
He raised concern that despite the women’s protests that they were “strangers”, the people who witnessed this happening did not bother to stop the abductors or report the incident to the police immediately.
Kale called on the general public to help minimise this by reporting to the police those who were involved as it was now becoming an issue.
He also appealed to those who were involved in this sort of practice to stop as they were breaching the law.
He also issued a stern warning that anyone caught involved in committing this offence would be dealt accordingly by the police.