Women’s leader lauds Milne Bay governor’s K2 million support

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The National, Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WOMEN in Milne Bay are delighted with Governor John Luke Crittin who made available K2 million to assist start- up projects in their respective communities. 
The Kulumata circuit women secretary for the United church Ethel Moritopwa said this was a good working relationship between the governor and the women, and this is the first time for women to see a governor who was working and collaborating with the women in different denominations throughout the province.
Moritopwa also called on the women to leave their differences aside and work together to bring much needed services to the women everywhere in the province.
‘’I came to Alotau some years back and this is my second visit to the provincial capital and I see a lot of changes this government had brought in and this is sign of good governance,” she said.
She also said this government recognised churches and other organisations as important partners in development and would rely on them to work towards achieving the Papua New Guinea Development Strategic Plan 2010-30 goal of a quality life for all Papua New Guineans.
Moritopwa said churches also play an important role in meeting the spiritual needs of the people.
She said the leadership of Crittin was a stepping stone for the others, who are thinking to challenge the governor in the coming election.
From the women’s perspective, Crittin’s leadership has progressed and is now at the crossroad of economic development. 
“The women in the province have been forgotten.
“This is their year and we all should be happy with what the governor is doing.
“I urge you all to leave your differences aside and work with the present leaders and this is the type of leaders we want to have.
“I commend the current government for the job well done and also the open members who aligned themselves with the governor,” Moritopwa said.