Women’s ministry visits Buimo inmates

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday October 24th, 2013


A WOMEN’S ministry from Bau village on the Morobe Patrol Post in Huon Gulf has travelled rough seas to show their care for Buimo prison inmates in Lae.

Twenty women from the Bethel congregation in the Kowabaso parish fulfilled their annual ‘wok mama’ (women ministry) to expand its horizon.

They took the gospel of love and peace into prison for the first time.

The purpose of the mission was to “’show and extend mothers’ unconditional love to prisoners in sharing gospel, food crops and weeding prison gardens”.

Kowabaso women leader Waro Koena, Bethel women president Bararungke Mawae, vice-president Diyamitase Wawi and treasurer Mato Bobby led the women.

“Mothers care a lot and the visit is to experience the reality in prison camps and show mothers’ love and care for children and to ensure inmates realise our unconditional love and change for better to serve meaningfully in their respective communities,” Koena said,

“It’s also to expand the women’s horizon.”

Pr Pase Zamunu, ministry elder Simo Ewa, Mari Wawi and Dona ward councillor Giria Zia accompanied the group.

Buimo prison commander Judy Tara and Cpl Jill Tulo were surprised and impressed with the visit. Such recognition given to Buimo by the village women’s ministry crossing rough seas truly signifies the unending love of God to human nature through gospel outreach,” Tara said.

She highlighted that delay in the court process caused overcrowding resulting in issues mainly illness as some prisoners were transferred to other jails.

The women travelled 145km north in two dinghies.