Women’s side named

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The National, Thursday, June 9th 2011

AFLPNG has released a 32-member PNG team for the women’s section of the AFL International Cup Sydney and Melbourne from Aug 12-27.
The women’s section will begin on Aug 15 when they play their first ever AFL IC matches.
Other women’s matches will coincide with the men’s section of the event.
The women will play in a round robin style tournament.
Teams will initially be given a number from one to six, with numbers allocated through a random ballot in order to fill out the tournament fixture.
The competing teams are Italy, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australian Indigenous team and PNG.
After four rounds of matches, teams will be ranked one through to six as per a regular ladder taking into account wins and losses and points differential.
Teams ranked first and second will play off to become IC champions.
Teams rankedthird and fourth will play off as will teams five and six.
This sees all teams playing five matches providing invaluable experence for them.
The PNG team: Lelian Barnabas, Maureen Bauwase, Sylvia Kotapu, Oscilla Bulla, Bianca Avia, Noma Alopa, Shirely Philipus, Desmona Alua, Stephanie Avel, Prudence Sindrewn, Joycline Sezzo, Sylvia Emeck (Southern); Grace Roimb, Kimberly Olik, Leonie Ongke, Catherine Ken, Michelle Wandaki, Stella Rex (Highlands); Samantha Nalong, Vera Harold, Allang Issack, Vanessa Pissep, Madella Kataro, Joyce Meta, Salome Harold, Stephanie Kataro (Northern) and Melissa Kaniku, Isalyn Modakewau, Ann-Theresa Baupua and Vulla Wartova (Islands).