Women better managers than men, say candidates

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The National, Wednesday July 3rd, 2013


WOMEN are better managers and should be voted as presidents and councillors in the local level government elections, a candidate said yesterday. 

Rubbie Musulu, 49, of Yangu village, Nawae, Morobe, who is one of two female candidates contesting the Lae lord mayor seat’s with 41 rival male candidates, said mothers were better managers as they managed the home every day when husbands were out at work.

“We have tried men in the presidency and council seats but from observation they failed to deliver services to the people,” Musulu said.

“Try a woman and you will see,” she said.

“I appeal to women and youths to vote for female candidates – they have the heart to help everyone.”

Musulu said Lae had seen a number of mayors come and go but nothing had changed.

Another female candidate, Effo Mare, contesting the Ward 1 council seat in the Lae urban, said the traditional mentality of seeing men as leaders must end and women with leadership qualities must be voted into office for a change.

Mare, 55, from Pindiu, Finschhafen, who is the current president of the Morobe Women Empowerment, said men generally had a no-care attitude. 

“If mothers are in the office people will never go hungry because they will share everything properly,” Mare said.