Women in business to get Apec exposure


Papua New Guinea women in small to medium-sized enterprises will receive much exposure through Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) events this year, says Minister for Youth, Religion and Community Development Soroi Eoe.
Eoe, who visited the SME stalls at Laguna Hotel, in Port Moresby, yesterday, said that the department would be identifying women in SMEs from the four regions to promote their products at Apec events.
“Women and SMEs partnership is a sector that I will be chairing in September, which looks at what women are doing in the context of Apec,” he said.
“Our first meeting was in Kokopo last year.”
Eoe said this week the Southern regional conference was being organised to be followed by Mamose and Highlands. “”We will bring in selected women involved in small businesses to display their products,” he said.
“The idea is to promote what women can do in SMEs and any areas that women are involved in empowerment and inclusiveness.
“Women are placed in the development of the country, apart from having some of them appointed in offices in the government.
“It’s a long way to go but we’ve come this far to address that gender imbalance.”
Tapioka Delights owner Ginia Sialis said women in Port Moresby had the advantage and opportunity with Apec right at their doorsteps.
“I hope to meet a lot of the women coming out of Port Moresby because I know there are so many wonderful initiatives happening around the country,” Sialis said.

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