Women challenged

National, Normal

The National, Monday 17th June 2013

 WOMEN in Porgera have been told to start small businesses and take advantage of the booming economy.

Enga provincial commerce and tourism adviser Margaret Potane said the time to relax and enjoy the benefits and royalties from the Porgera mine was over and women must become more self-reliant.

She said this when giving K40,000 to the Porgera Women In Business micro-finance last Tuesday.

Potane urged the women to make use of the money and engage in businesses such as cooking, selling and poultry.

“If you start doing this I hope Barrick PJV or the Government can assist to expand your businesses,” she said.

“This money is to help the women in Porgera who have already shown interest and registered under the Porgera women in business microfinance.

“Why are we looking on our menfolk to do business? Women can become millionaires just like men and it is about time you pull up your socks and work hard,” Potane said.