Women, children campaign against abusive men

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WOMEN and children at a village are campaigning against the abuse and bad behaviour by men, and have presented a petition on it to police.
They staged their protest at Walai village in Rigo, Central, displaying placards.
Village councillor Manu Kilage said they would now impose a fine of K300 on anyone using abusive language or swear words in the village. “We have now imposed this fine and the whole community will enforce it on whoever is swearing, producing and consuming homebrew, smoking marijuana and other anti-social behaviour,” Kilage said.
“Even if the perpetrators are close relatives, the community will arrest and get the perpetrators to pay the fine.
“If not we will call the police and the perpetrator will be arrested, charged and can be jailed.
“For far too long women and children have been abused by males.
“And now they are fighting back.
“They cannot put up any more with swear words describing a female’s sexual organs.
“It has become normal in our village.
“We are a Christian community and are very concerned.
“Even children are being influenced and are swearing too.”
Kilage said the women and children presented their petition to the Central police command last week.
“The police are happy for their brave stand. And so the rest of the community is supporting them and they now have the police support.”
Kilage said it was only a few men involved in such abuse.
“The majority of men are peace-loving and are supporting the mothers and children for taking a stand against abusive behaviour.”