Women deserve more credit, respect


WOMEN are the creative force of the universe in almost all its expressions.
Life begins in their womb and it is with their guiding hands and tender care that it finds expression.
The reach of her arms can provide succour too many and just one hug from her could heal everything from a scratched knee to a broken heart.
Women work relentlessly, often putting more hours in a single day; cleaning, cooking, nursing while still managing to look fresh all time.
Women take on different roles – mother, wife, daughter, friend, councillor – and juggle them all with such ease. They give unconditional love beyond reason and forgive time and again.
She puts her ambitions on the back burner to help you with yours.
She takes pride in your achievements and hold your hand through your disappointments.
She is there for you when everyone has turned their backs on you, and her faith in you that makes you want to rise up to face another day.
However, ethnic and cultural diversity in Papua New Guinea limits the intelligence of women changing roles and development.
Only the reports of disparities, violence, and social atrocities against women are generally present in large parts of nation.
Women are lessen to a mediocre and not seen as a companion gifted by nature.
Women now serve the country in different capacities and responsibilities.
They work together with individuals, families, communities and nation at large in their line of duty.
They serve the country with respect and pride.
Today, women are stalwarts: resolute, spirited and responsible for larger constituencies and greater challenges in a predominantly male arena.
They are not just a woman.
They come laden with equipment; they got wisdom, insight, sensitivity and power.
Therefore, we should bring to an end our mentality of regarding women as mediocre.
Every human being is created equally in the image of God and human dignity is given by God equally and our correlation with each other should be equal, mutual and reciprocal.
Therefore, all women and girls should be treated with dignity and equal rights.
Empowering women contributes to the health and productivity of a family, community and improves the prospects for generations.
She balances life.
Thus, having a mother and sister in my life, is an honour for me as a young man.