Women go into festival to give girls and women a chance

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THE Yabem Gejamsao (women) from 14 districts in Morobe will provide an education opportunity to young women during a festival to encourage social and spiritual activities.
The festival is scheduled for
Dec 13-17 to be hosted at Martin Luther Seminary.
Festival chairman Yatap Matere said the festival was a new idea captured into Gejamsao’s annual corporate plan.
The corporate plan includes education, health, wealth creation and family life that help women to educate each other and manage family welfare.
“The purpose is to showcase and educate girls, young women, widows and married women the core values and attributes of being a woman embedded in social and spiritual chores,” Matere said.
“It is to ensure women and girls appreciate and maintain their cultural skills and knowledge.”
Despite lack of support from companies for sponsorships, Matere and executives Alice Uruaka (secretary), Elizabeth Joshua (treasurer), Nganuo Irintz, Siling Nawe, Gelam Michael, Waekesa Taci and Yanam Kikingtau were confident about hosting the event.
The occasion will showcase and exchange cultural knowledge and skills about how girls and young women are educated and shaped to become a woman with value in family circles, community and society. The main activities will feature traditional cooking methods and bilum-making practices, family management and health, family wealth creation, traditional singsings, folklores and displays with evening Bible studies.
“Miss Gejamsao will be contested by 14 young girls from the districts and will be the highlight.”