Women join livestock station

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 21st August, 2012

THREE women with the Department of Agriculture and Livestock in Madang will be stationed at the revived Sagalau Livestock Station.The women recently completed their studies, with two attaining Bachelors in Agriculture from the University of Technology and the other from Sonoma, in Rabaul, East New Britain.
The women are Mora Ako, from Popo village, in East Kerema, and Doloros Kamang and Emma Dorr, from Madang.Ako will be the officer-in-charge of drought animals and will be in charge of taming and training buffaloes.“I have not yet done anything of that sort but from what I have found out from my male colleagues is that it is quite a challenge and I am quite nervous but we will see what happens,” she said.
She said among her tasks she had to collate data on the number of buffalo owners, their location and other details.Kamang has been tasked with finding out why coffee growing in Madang is not properly recorded.
“Madang has not had production records for coffee since the early 1990s. It is unfortunate because all the coffee here gets transported to the Highlands or Lae and is recorded as their coffee,” she said.
“Our major problem is the road accessibility for coffee from Middle Ramu, Raicoast and parts of Bogia.”
She will be a rural development officer stationed in Middle Ramu.