Women, kids from broken homes learn life skills

National, Normal

The National, Monday October 28th, 2013


ABOUT 800 women and 109 children from broken homes are undertaking life-skills training and family support from a NGO group called Mother and Child Support.  

It began operating in 1995 and in 2009 had been working in partnership with the church partnership programme. 

Director Valesi Avosa said the group provided education opportunities such as basic literacy and computer skills training for the less fortunate young. 

“We train mothers how to sew, knit and bake to enhance their daily living and provide training on financial marketing and sales,” she said. 

“We provide counselling for mothers and children who come from broken homes and help them realise their dreams. 

“MCS has 15 established communities in three project sites – one in NCD, one in Central and one in Gulf. 

“We have several success stories. A few communities have established businesses at ATS settlement and Koki in NCD, Bereina and Gabagaba in Central and Toaripi group in Gulf.  

“And about 50 women are qualified to run businesses and have set up investment accounts. 

“We encourage self-reliance but we have been blessed through our partnership with the church programme and the Anglican Church of PNG.”